Mission & Objectives



Our mission is to support insolvency and recovery professionals in their quest to restore the economic value of under-performing businesses, to assist financially challenged individuals and to help develop, maintain and promote the integrity of the insolvency profession.

We deliver this through the provision of innovative training and education, upholding ethical and professional standards, partnering with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand by the development of self-regulation, and promoting the ideals of the profession to the public at large.


The objectives of RITANZ are detailed in full in the Rules of RITANZ but in short are as follows:

Development – to promote high standards of practice and professional conduct in the insolvency and restructuring field.

Self Regulation – to provide/facilitate a self-regulatory framework for Accredited Insolvency Practitioners.

Leadership – to provide leadership in establishing and developing policies to guide Accredited Insolvency Practitioners.

Interaction – to provide a forum for the consideration and discussion of insolvency and restructuring issues.

Education Рto provide Members with information regarding insolvency law, practice and obligations for those undertaking Insolvency Engagements.


Our Sponsors

RITANZ acknowledges the support of all of our sponsors.