Insolvency Practitioners Bill – submission on SOP

RITANZ has prepared and submitted our submission on the Supplementary Order Paper to the Insolvency Practitioners Bill which strongly supports the IPB and the co-regulatory regime for insolvency practitioners .  On the 20th Sep 2018, we will appear before the Select Committee to provide an oral submission.

To read the full RITANZ submission, click here:

RITANZ Submission Insolvency Practitioners Bill

Important Notice from MBIE – Employee Preferential Claims

MBIE has advised of an upcoming change to the maximum employee preferential claim figure in the Companies Act 1993 and Insolvency Act 2006.

On 30 September 2018, The figure is being adjusted from $22,160 to $23,960. This adjustment occurs every 3 years, to account for any increase in average weekly earnings (total, private sector).This adjustment reflects an 8.1 percent increase in average weekly earnings since 2015, as reported by Statistics New Zealand in its Quarterly Employment Survey.

The amendments to the Companies Act and Insolvency Act have been signed into law (see the New Zealand Legislation website) and notified in the Government Gazette. For more information, please see the MBIE website.

Submissions sought – Insolvency Practitioners Bill

On the 28th June, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Kris Faafoi sent the Insolvency Practitioners Bill back to the select committee to consider a supplementary order paper which replaces the proposed negative licencing regime with a co-regulatory licensing framework.

The select committee is calling for submissions on the SOP with a deadline of 24th Aug 2018.

RITANZ is compiling a submission representing feedback from the industry viewpoint and we encourage members to let us have their thoughts and comments on this very important topic as a matter of urgency.

The SOP is available for further reading as per the link below:

Supplementary Order Paper

Farm Debt Mediation Bill

The Farm Debt Mediation Bill would amend the Receiverships Act 1993 by introducing a mandatory mediation process and deferring the appointment of receivers for a minimum of 10 days to allow this process to take place.

This Bill was proposed, drawn up and introduced into parliament over a very short period of time and will need rigorous review and some adjustment before it can be passed into law. It is imperative that our industry has a voice and that RITANZ responds with our members thoughts and concerns on this before submissions close on 3rd Aug 2018.