As a consequence of the pandemic, most of us will have experienced a combination of good and bad. Less travel time more connectiveness with colleagues but equally significant business disruption and the threat of imminent economic impact, not to mention the terrible human cost of the disease itself.  Getting used to this new normal has demanded we all make adjustments.

The restructuring profession is no different, quickly adapting to meeting clients needs under the new circumstances.  As your global association our responsibility to members is to provide content, thought leadership and good opportunities to network and connect, as a result we too have had to turn our attention to new ways to provide these services. Interestingly, much like the whole experience our next event reflects the positives and negatives of Covid-19.  On the one hand we will not be able to meet in person this year however, by presenting a virtual conference we have been able to secure an even wider range of exceptional speakers than would have been possible when working with the constraints of a single location.

From a delegate’s point of view, this is going to be a different experience, but one that is absolutely worth taking advantage of at this point in the business cycle. Why? Precisely because global economies insulated from the real impact of the pandemic by schemes to subsidise employee salaries and other mitigation measures are now going to start to show the signs of the real cost in terms of insolvencies and other negative financial outcomes.  Before this wave breaks, there is a real need for practitioners and restructuring professionals to pause, understand, and prepare themselves for the significant challenges to come. We need to come together as an industry to share insights, understand the latest thinking and agree principles and best practice.

Now is the moment to capitalise on the lull before the storm and invest some time in being ready.

Join us on September 17 2020.

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