The psychological fallout and stress caused to owners and management of distressed businesses, should not be underestimated.Every entrepreneur, business owner or employer, fully intended to have a different future from what they are experiencing right now.  Due to the COVID Crisis they have had to cope with trading restrictions imposed on them, loss of business, the necessity to retrench or temporarily lay-off staff, renegotiate leases, sometimes defaulting on debts. From ambitions, hopes and dreams, their thoughts are now about survival. They have tumbled down the spiral of future thinking to merely trying to stay in business or mitigate the loss.Charlotte Kemp is a business owner who has lost two businesses and experienced the trauma of devastated dreams and debt review. She is also a futurist, working with robust academic tools as well as her own models, to help people define, navigate and course correct, towards their preferred futures. Having experienced business failure, she has empathy with those experiencing these challenges and wants to demonstrate real models to address them.

In a one hour workshop Charlotte Kemp will deal with:

Innovative ways to deal with these challenges;

A model to understand what we are experiencing now;

Incentives to aspire to move up the spiral to define and aim for a better future; and

Unpack a set of approaches to find inspiration and explore real world examples of businesses that have redefined themselves and survived in spite of the odds stacked against them.

Attendees will also have a further 15 minutes to speak with Charlotte after the session.

Thursday 1 October, 2020 1:00pm BST (GMT+1)

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