New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that with effect from midnight 15 Mar 2020, every person arriving in NZ, including residents, citizens and tourists, will have to self isolate for a period of 14 days from the date of  their arrival into the country.

There will be a directive announced on mass gatherings during the course of the upcoming week.

RITANZ hosts monthly networking events in Auckland and quarterly meetings in Christchurch and Wellington. Our members health and safety is our highest priority and we are monitoring the Ministry of Health website daily for updates and guidance.

As part of measures to keep our members safe, we ask that you do not attend a RITANZ event if:

you have travelled outside of NZ within the last 14 days

you are exhibiting any symptoms that might indicate a Covid-19 infection

you suspect you may have been in contact with anyone who may have Covid-19

It is important to understand that this is infection can be transmitted in several ways:

By breathing in droplets coughed or exhaled by an infected person

By touching surfaces, objects, doorknobs etc that have been contaminated by droplets and then touching your face, mouth eyes etc.

Typical symptoms are a cough; a high temperature; shortness of breath and sometimes a sore throat.

Prevention is Better than Cure

RITANZ will supply hand sanitizer at all of our events and we ask that you use this both when entering and leaving the event.

We also encourage the following measures:

Maintaining a reasonable distance between attendees and restrict kissing, handshakes etc where possible.

Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and dispose of used tissues immediately.

Wash your hands regularly and for a minimum of 20 seconds at a time

Sanitize hands and surfaces, doorknobs, lift buttons regularly.

Call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 if you have any symptoms or concerns.

We look forward to bringing these events to our members, where safely possible, as part of our commitment to your development and networking needs.

Resources available for updates:

Ministry of Health NZ

World Health Organisation


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