RITANZ held its 2022 AGM on Wednesday, 15th June 2022, to confirm the Year in Review and the Annual Financial Accounts for 2021.

John Fisk has chosen to step down as the Chairperson of RITANZ but will continue in his position as Board Member and we wish to take this opportunity to thank him for chairing and steering RITANZ during some very interesting and challenging times over the last 5 years.

We are pleased to confirm the following Board members have been elected to the Board for the next 2 years:

Crispin Vinnell
Jennifer Tunna
Kare Johnstone

Congratulations to each of you!  And a huge thanks to our outgoing member Richard Gordon and co-opted member Emma Laing for your hard work and commitment!

The RITANZ Board as it stands now is made up as follows:

John Fisk

Kare Johnstone

David Webb

Crispin Vinnell

Rees Logan

Jennifer Tunna

Mornet van der Merwe

Natalie Burrett

Ping Liu

Ross Dillon

We are pleased to confirm that Kare Johnstone has been appointed the new Chair of RITANZ, with Crispin Vinnell as the Vice-Chair and David Webb as the Treasurer.

Also we can confirm that a members motion to abolish co-opting of members to the Board was voted on and there were more than 75% votes against this proposed resolution. The Board is in the process of considering the co-opting of members for the next year based on the current composition of the Board to best represent members.


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