RITANZ is the professional body for insolvency practitioners and for those working in the field of business reconstruction and turnaround, and corporate and personal insolvency in New Zealand.

The organization is affiliated with INSOL International, a worldwide federation of national associations for accountants and lawyers who specialize in turnaround and insolvency.

RITANZ has branches in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, and is run by an elected Board of volunteers, who work in or alongside the profession.

Purpose and Objectives

The key purpose of the group will be to provide regular professional development sessions on topics suited to the membership of the group. Our objects include the following:

  • To provide opportunities for members to meet, and to provide members with information relating to insolvency law, practice and administration and obligations of insolvency practitioners. This may include circulating publications, maintaining a library, providing facilities for delivery of lectures and organising seminars or conferences.
  • To develop, maintain and promote self-regulation of insolvency practitioners in conjunction with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.
  • To monitor insolvency legislation, to promote or support legislation which furthers the common interest of insolvency practitioners, lenders, creditors and the general public, and promote or sponsor research on insolvency issues.
  • To obtain, or assist members in obtaining, legal advice on or judicial determination of any question of general importance or interest to members or insolvency practitioners.
  • To co-operate with any association or corporation whose objects are generally similar to those of the Group, and in particular to co-operate with the International Association of Insolvency Practitioners (INSOL International).
  • To affiliate with, or subscribe to, any association or corporation whose objects are generally similar to those of the Group, if that association or corporation cannot distribute its income and property amongst its members, except as grants for educational research purposes.

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